Painting a Picture of Canvas

Painting a picture of CANVAS: a candid discussion of how MU science teachers are using this new learning system.” | Will a switch to CANVAS be beneficial to both instructors and students? With an experienced panel of MU science professors and educational technology experts we will explore and discuss their current use of the…

TFELT: Finding Better Ways to Evaluate Teaching at MU

Date: Monday, February 24th, 2020 Time:11:30 am – 1:00 pm (Pizza at 11:30, Presentation and Discussion at 12:00) *Please bring your own cup for drinks Location:  Bond Life Sciences Center, Room 572 Dr. Bethany Stone, Teaching Professor of Biological Sciences, Division of Biological Sciences Dr. Stephen Klien, Assistant Teaching Professor, Director of Undergraduate Studies, Department of Communication   How do you know if your teaching is…

A framework for supporting student success in STEM

In this interactive session Lydia Bentley will facilitate a discussion of one approach to supporting the success of underrepresented minority undergraduate students in STEM. This approach acknowledges that, while undergraduate STEM programs may be challenging for many students, certain aspects of STEM education may have an amplified negative impact on students with marginalized identities.  Lydia…

Online Problem-Based Learning: We Caught a Unicorn!

Special Guests: Lea Wood, DNP, MS(N)-RN, Assistant Teaching Professor Laura Foley, Instructional Designer Amanda Stafford, Instructional Designer Description: Group projects often elicit groans from students. We found a way to change that in a way that meaningful to learners in an online platform. In this presentation, we’ll discuss how we used problem-based learning (PBL) and…

Science on Wheels: Connecting MU scientists with Missouri communities

Special Guest: Levi Storks, PhD Candidate in Biological Sciences Science on Wheels Executive Committee Chair Science on Wheels is an outreach program that brings MU graduate students and postdocs into Missouri communities to talk about their research, facilitating opportunities for Missourians to meet university scientists. Outreach programs like this have unique goals and face unique…

October 18: Dr. Jamie Lester, George Mason University

Dr. Jaime Lester, GMU 11-12, Monsanto auditorium (Co-hosted by HHMI Inclusive Excellence Summit and Abell Conversations)   Interested in inclusive reform for campuses? In this talk, Jamie Lester will present research on grassroots organizational change in colleges and universities. She will also offer tactics for others to successfully create change across a range of initiatives.

COPUS: A Classroom Observation Approach to Evolve STEM Instruction

Special Guest: Tori Mondelli, Inaugural Director of the Teaching for Learning Center, University of Missouri Columbia

“What are we doing when we assess our students?”: using a model to understand our practice

Special Guest: Frances Edwards, PhD University of Waikato, New Zealand

Assessment and Action Taking Opportunities in an Online Science Course

We will explore how aspects of the technology-based course assessments influence teaching practices. Led by Shannon M. Burcks, Instructor in the Department of Nutrition & Exercise Physiology.

The Me I See: Student Identity as a Foundation for STEM Education

This Presentation discusses research and practices on supporting the continued interest, retention, and academic success of underrepresented, marginalized, and racialized students in postsecondary STEM education. Coming from a Critical-Identity-Cultural-Ecology perspective, we will discuss the various barriers that underrepresented, marginalized, and racialized students face in postsecondary STEM education, as found in the research literature and institutional…